How to Earn CASHBACK Every Time You Shop

One of my favorite ways to shop is online. AM I RIGHT?! If I can get the same products (sometime more!) without leaving the house, sign me up!! If I can stay in my PJs, not have to load Norah in and out of the car, and not have to deal with large crowds then why would I not??


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Awhile back, a friend was telling me about Ebates. I have never heard of it and now I am hooked! I started off with signed up and downloading the extension onto my browser. #lifesaver!!


Ebates gives you a percentage of your purchase every time you shop.

The percentage you get cashback will vary from day-to-day. They often have double or triple cashback days. One day you might get 8% cashback, but if it’s a double or triple cashback day, you can get 16-24% cashback. It’s literally free money and you don’t have to spend a thing!


Another thing I love about Ebates is that they also have coupon codes, free shipping, and promo codes available. Now this doesn’t apply everyday to every store but it does often happen! You don’t have to search google in checkout to see if there are any promo codes available, Ebates has it all on their site!


The first way is go to the Ebates website and search your store you are looking for. Click and then you will be redirected to your shopping site.

Another way is to download the Chrome extension onto your browser (if using Google Chrome). With doing this, each time you go to a shopping site, the extension at the top right of your browser (it will be a big yellow “E”) will have a flashing square around it. Once you click it, it will tell you the percentage you will receive back from that particular site. You HAVE to click “ACTIVATE” for them to log your purchases.

I suggest using the Chrome Extension long-term because it alerts if there are any cashback opportunities for any site you go to. Sometimes it can be hard to remember to go through the Ebates website first.

If you sign up through my link, you will get you first $10 cashback on a $25 purchase or more! Just by online shopping like you regularly do!!


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