4th of July Craft


I love a good craft that Norah and I can do together.

When she went to daycare, they painted all the time and she loved it! I tried to find something that she would enjoy. It was a bonus that it was themed! πŸ™‚

Items Needed:


Painters Tape

Red Paint

Blue Paint

Paint Brushes


Art Trays

1) Tape off 2 straight lines for the flag. This is going to be the white lines at the end.

2) I also taped off the part where the “stars” would go. In this case, it’s her hand. I wanted to be able to give her this and she go at it!


3) I put some red paint on a paper plate and let her go!


4) Despise her liking, I painted a few spots that were left blank. πŸ™‚





She’s have the BEST time!!! (with crazy hair! Haha!)

5) Carefully take the painters tape off. You could wait until it’s dry but I was a little inpatient.

6) Put a little blue paint on the plate and paint on hand with a clean paintbrush.

7) Carefully press their hand onto the “stars” section of the flag. It was tricky and it’s not perfect but I’m okay with it.


A few tidbits:

**The aprons come in a pack of 12 I believe. You can always stash a few back and re-gift to a friend later with some brushes, paint, etc.

**I used a cheap reusable tablecloth for my paint projects. Afterwards, I forgot about our place mats we use for coloring, eating, crafts, etc. They are PERFECT for everything and clean so easily. I linked above! They do go on sale and I got them on prime shipping. Sometimes you just have to put it in your list and check back. That’s what I did! πŸ™‚

**This isn’t perfect BUT she loved it and I think it shows how the season of like we’re in AKA “not perfect.” πŸ™‚

**I put this up on a stand as decor. I will get this out each year as a festive decor piece.


I hope you are your little enjoy as much as we did! Let me know if you would like to see more toddler craft ideas!


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