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Two Year Old Gift Guide

My daughter, Norah, turned two in April. Today I am sharing gift ideas that she loves and some ideas for the future.

welcomelittle one!

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1 // Geekper Mushroom Nail Kit

My mom got Norah this game and she has loved it. The game helps to develop hand dexterity, problem solving, and fine motor skills.

2 // Bubble Mower

I’m pretty sure this was one of Norah’s favorite gifts. After she opened it, all the kids wanted to try it out. It’s great for all ages! This mower even comes with refillable bubbles! It keeps her occupied while we are out working in the garden or in the yard.

3 // Picnic Table

We love to eat outside a lot when it’s warmer. We would always take her high chair outside or hold her while we were eating. This table is perfect when it’s just us three or when we have friends over. It even comes with the umbrella and folds up very nicely for storage!

4 // Counting Bears

I’m all for any game that is educational. One of our good friends got Norah this gift and it has been a hit! It comes with silicone cups that we have been working on sorting the colored bears. I can see learning our numbers with these as well.

5 // Vintage Play Kitchen

We got Norah this vintage play kitchen last year for Christmas. She will just now start playing with it independently. It is the cutest mini kitchen! It’s great quality and just her size.

6 // T-Ball Set

We haven’t mastered how to properly use this correctly yet, but it has brought lots of fun! She loves hitting the ball, putting it back on the tee and hitting again and again. We have even played with Caleb or I hitting it and she will run to get it and bring it back. It runs off lots of energy too!

7 // Fishing Game

This has brought hours of play by herself and with Caleb or I. This could be educational if you ask questions like, “find the blue fish?”

8 // Bath Toy

This is currently on our wish list. Norah LOVES bath time so I think she would enjoy this for a very long time.

9 // Boogie Board

We don’t currently have this but it is definitely on our wish list! We have these in the children’s Sunday School at church and I have caught myself playing on them. It has a color screen so when you draw, it’s in color. If you want to erase the board, you push the button at the bottom and the whole thing erases. Pretty neat!

10 // Cozy Coupe Car

Norah has this car and loves it! She got it last year when she couldn’t get around herself. It has a removable bottom that they can ride when they are smaller. Now, she can move around on her own so we took the board off. She loves just going around the driveway with it. We even wash Cozy Coupe on our car wash days. 🙂

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